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Auxiliary Engine

PBW has grown from strength to strength and is renowned company for engine components through continuous technical innovation and consistent quality and supplying a wide range of diesel engine spares. All the parts provided to customers are made up of highly-advanced and superior quality raw materials. Diesel engine parts like Liners, Pistons, Piston Rings, Rocker Arms, Crank Shafts, Valves, Sleeves, Cylinder, Valves, Guide, Cylinder head, Gasket Set and many more.

Auxiliary Engine Spare Parts

    DK 20, DL 20, DL 22, DLB-22, DLB 26, DLM 22, DS 18, DS 18A, DS 22, DSD 22, DS 26, DS 26A, DS 32, DS-22 D, DSM-26 D, DS-32 D, DSD-22 D, PS 22, PS 22D, PS 26D, PS 26H, DLB-20, DL-22, DLB-22, PSTG-18 D, PSTG-20 D


    AL 20/24, AL 25/30, ZL 40/48, ASL/ATL 25/30


    6GL DT, GL , GL DT, GL UT, M200, M200 L, M220 L, M200L UT, M220L EN, MAL HS/HT, MAL HT, MAL HTS, ML/MAL, HT/MAL HTS, S185L ST, S185L UT, T220-L ST/AL-ST, T240L, UAL, UAL ST, UAL UT, UL ST, UL UT, ZL DT

Auxiliary Engine Gallery